Jaipur Literature festival: The Woodstock of books

It was at JLF that I realised that there were so many good authors out there, writing on subjects as varied as black holes, the sexual lives of people in Arabic countries, Pompeii, gender fluidity, peace in Afghanistan, the Great Gatsby, crime in fiction, the immigrant experience, mathematics and what seemed to be the festival favourite: women and their rights. 
It was at JLF that I realised just how diverse India’s reading habits are and that there was something for all their tastes (that extends beyond the fiction, non-fiction divide). Amish Tripathi was mobbed by people wanting to meet him, get a photograph or even touch him; Rana Dasgupta had an ardent fan among the journalists; the line to meet Amartya Sen was just as long as that for Jhumpa Lahiri (when she deigned to sign books), the fabulous Jim al Khalili and Marcus du Sautoy proved that mathematics and science can be equally fascinating as other serious topics, Sachin Kundalkar and Mahesh Dattani entertained people with their thoughts on screenplay-writing and the role of gender in their lives; and Homi Bhabha, Jørn Lier Horst and Samantha Weinburg discussed the merits of writing crime fiction.