India: Lucknow University’s new syllabus turns more gender-sensitive

Post-graduate English students in Lucknow will get to read more work authored by women. In a complete overhauling of its syllabi, Lucknow University has introduced literature by women writers and texts that talks of women empowerment. From Mary Wollstonecraft’s critical essay ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women’ to Rashi Jahan’s fiction ‘Behind the Veil’ and from Mahadevi Verma’s poem ‘Tum Mujh Mein Priya, Phir Parichay Kya’ to Urmila Panwar’s ‘Mother’ (compilation of short stories), the text selected deals with women, their identity and issues.

Head, of the English and Modern European Languages department Nishi Pandey said “feminist theory is a part of our curriculum. Inclusion of Indian writers, particularly women, is to help students understand their own literature and culture. By having a comparative literature, both Western and Indian women writers, students can understand clearly the common factors and differences between the two worlds.”

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