Bangladesh: Tales from the Maestro

Ahmed Rafiq is not only recognised for playing a central part in our language movement, he is also known as a distinguished writer and a prominent researcher on Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore and his literature. In 1995 he received the most prestigious award of our nation– the “Ekushe Podok”– for his outstanding contribution to Bengali literature, and the “Swadesh e Rabindra” from the Tagore research institute in Kolakata, in 2011. When it comes to dependable information on Tagore’s literature, he is one of the few people one can rely on.

Postmaster is one of Tagore’s finest works in short stories. We may know the story as it reads, but there’s always more to it between the lines when it comes to Rabindranath’s writings. “This is the second story he wrote when he was writing Golpoguccho. Rabindranath wrote this while sitting on the second floor of his Bunglow beside the Padma River in Shahzadpur, mesmerized by the beauty of nature and the rural people’s lives. Though it was one of his first attempts at short stories, Postmaster became a major contribution of his in the world of Bengali Literature” says Ahmed Rafiq.

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