Call for papers: ‘Graphic Novels & Visual Cultures in South Asia’

Much of South Asia is experiencing new ways of seeing and consuming the visual in the post-millennial context.  From the effects of new media, increasing globalised communication patterns, developing film and animation technology to graphic novels and their telling of the new economies, visual cultures across the region are responding to a new world order, sometimes challenging and sometimes even re-shaping previous modes of visual cultures.

This Call for Papers for South Asian Popular Culture is interested in how these responses are manifest through text and image in the following ways:

– graphic novels: the stories they are telling and the language and grammar of these works
– interfaces of text and image in contemporary artistic production
– ‘old’ versus ‘new’ media
– illustrating South Asia (comics, humour, magazines, children’s books, e-publications and media)
– folk art and narrative traditions, modernity and new expression
– narrating South Asia through comics
– post-millennial social messages and visual cultures
– new developments, practice and creative production in textual and visual cultures
– Inter-media and technologies of production
– graphic novels and visual cultures between and beyond South Asia and its diasporas

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity, submit your idea today!

Submission Instructions

The Editors of this special issue, Rajinder Dudrah and Emma Varughese, welcome full-length articles (6-8,000 words), shorter pieces, visual essays, interviews, and book reviews for consideration. The special issue will be published as Issue 2 or Issue 3 in 2016.

All articles submitted to SAPC will undergo initial editorial screening and then peer review before a final decision is taken.

The Editors welcome enquiries or proposals in the form of a 150-200 word abstract by 14th November 2014.

Editorial information

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