March 26, 2023


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10 things to know about the South Korean online chatbot who was suspended for hate speech

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Why yet another chatbot found itself in the turmoil of controversies?

  1. Luda Lee is a 20-year old college girl from South Korea who loves eating fried chicken, playing with cats, and scrolling through Instagram. The only thing is that she is not real. She is an AI chatbot. Launched on Facebook on Dec 23, she became an instant hit for almost perfect resemblance to a real young adult. Her openness and straight-talking ways attracted over 750,000 users with a cumulative log of nearly 70 million chats. 

  1. The chatbot was takedown after it was accused of bigotry towards sexual minorities, the #MeToo movement, and the disabled. Triggering a controversy that eventually forced the developer to take it offline.

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