Malayalam Literature Devoid of Poetry: Kanayi

Poetry is not about alphabets but art, said renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunjhiraman. “You like a work of art when it evokes some kind of an energy in you. I believe that the duty of art is creating positivity,” he added.

He was speaking at the book release of ‘Mounam Sthuthi’ authored by A Jayakumar at Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday.“The greatest misfortune of Malayalam literature today is that it lacks poetry. And, when it comes to films, the most popular art form, the situation is more pathetic.

They completely lack the artistic element, which explains why I stay away from them,” he said.“I used to read a lot of fiction, a practice I stopped lately. Today the scene is flooded with mediocre writings and good works come out only once in a blue moon.

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