Not War, Not Peace: A book that helps you ask the right questions about the Indo-Pak conflict


Not War, Not Peace: Motivating Pakistan to Prevent Cross-Border Terrorism

By George Perkovich & Toby Dalton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 695

The authors of ‘Not War, Not Peace’ couldn’t have timed the India release of their book better. Perkovich was in India immediately after the Uri terror strike which led to the death of 19 soldiers, and even as he argued that there was a low probability of New Delhi ordering a ground-based military operation against a nuclear-armed Pakistan, the Indian army launched “surgical strikes” in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

These events, however, do not take anything away from the value of the book which is analytical in nature and does not come with any definitive recommendations. For example, it identifies four objectives for any Indian military action: first, satisfy the domestic political-psychological need for punishing Pakistan; second, motivate Pakistan to act decisively against terrorists; third, deter Pakistan from escalating the conflict; and fourth, bring the conflict to a close that does not leave India worse off had it not chosen that military option. Read more