Dhaka Lit Fest to uphold freedom of thought

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This year more than ever, Dhaka Lit Fest strives to engage us in writing from around the world, bringing to the Dhaka audience voices from places that we hear of but know very little about. Thinkers and writers rooted in these literatures and cultures will bring unique perspectives to conversations that are needed in our interconnected world when the threat to freedom of expression is felt more than ever before. In a talk with Arts & Letters, Sadaf Saaz, a director and the producer of Dhaka Lit Fest, explains why this literary congregation is of utmost importance.

DLF is fast appearing as one of the leading literary festivals in Southeast Asia. What do you think distinguishes it from other similar festivals?

Dhaka Lit Fest provides a unique platform which highlights a wide range of cultural and literary forms from Bangladesh, in English and Bangla, capturing the vitality and vibrancy of our literary heritage, as well as the contemporary landscape. We have a rigorous engagement with other literatures, making it truly international. Instead of falling into the trap of Anglophone-centric discourse, new and established voices from around the world, come together pushing the boundaries of thought on a wide range of issues. Read more


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