Beijing-born Japanese writer’s picture book populates in China


Cats, due to their mysterious lives and charming feline character, have always been popular pets. It is said that a cat may have nine lives, yet have you ever heard of a cat that lived a million times?

Japanese writer Yoko Sano created such a cat in her book The Cat Who Lived a Million Times, which was introduced to China in 2004.

The book has now been sold more than a million times in China.

A meeting was held, to promote the writer’s books, in Beijing on November 11. Writers and Sano’s faithful readers shared their understanding of the book.

Few people actually know Sano was born in Beijing in 1938 and moved to Dalian later. She returned to Japan at the age of 7.

Having died in Tokyo in 2010, Sano came to China in 2007, and said Beijing was her hometown and that she was a Beijing person.

“Her primary life was in China. And the first cat she saw is a Chinese one in a small courtyard where she lived. The cat in Sano’s early memory and her affection toward the animal were also born in China,” said Tang Yaming, senior editor, translator who has been a friend of the writer for more than twenty years. Read more