Indian poet Abhay K creates poetry atlas ‘CAPITAL’

In a unique endeavour, unprecedented in the literary history, in size and scale, Indian diplomat poet Abhay K has succeeded in creating the first-ever poetry atlas on the capital cities of the world.

Titled CAPITALS, the poetry anthology has poems on 185 national capital cities contributed by 173 eminent poets from every continent, including Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, Pulitzer Prize Winners Mark Strand, Vijay Seshadri and TS Eliot Prize winner George Szirtes.

In his introduction to the anthology, Abhay K writes- “As a frequent traveller, I often felt the need of a poetry atlas on world capitals but I could not find one. So I decided to create one for my reading pleasure. It seemed impossible to create a poetry anthology on the capital cities as I didn’t know many poets from Africa, Latin America. It took me three years to complete it.” Read more

Source: DNA India

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