China: Sisyphe bookstore chain opens first store in Beijing

By Xing Yi

More Chinese may be buying books online, but brick-and-mortar bookstores are still thriving. Sisyphe, one of the biggest private bookstore chains in China, opened its first branch in Beijing on Jan 13.

The bookstore, the 67th branch for Sisyphe, is located in the Solana shopping mall near Chaoyang Park.

With an area of around 500 square meters, the bookstore offers more than 20,000 titles, including a section for books in English and a special section for children’s books.

“I don’t really care about the statistics of the industry,” says Jin Weizhu, owner of the bookstore chain, commenting on a 2016 report on the retail book market, which shows, for the first time, the country’s online book sales of 36.5 billion yuan ($5.4 billion) surpassed offline sales-33.6 billion yuan. Read more

Source: China Daily