Meet Kanishka Gupta, a top deal maker in the Indian publishing world

By Ritu Goyal

In the Indian publishing world today, there is no dearth of anomalies. Non-writers become successful authors, real authors struggle to eke a living out of their books, and marketing is truly King.

It should therefore come as no surprise that one of the most successful literary agents in the Indian publishing industry is a self-confessed anomaly in the field.

Delhi-born Kanishka Gupta, 30-something and wannabe writer who runs Writer’s Side (WS) -an agency that has over 500 titles to its credit in the six years of its existence- has no prior background, or ‘pedigree’, as he likes to call it, in publishing.

Yet, according to Publishers Marketplace rankings, Kanishka is currently the biggest individual deal-maker in the world for English books. He is also the youngest agent in the subcontinent. Read more

Source: The News Minute