Book “Harf Adhoore” Launched At Gathering Of South Asian Writers

The “Harf Adhoore”, a collection of stories written by Harish Masand was launched in a selected gathering of local South Asian Writers on February 11 at Punjab Bhawan in Surrey. The  famous Central Association of Punjabi Writers of North America took lead in organizing this literary  event. The celebrated Punjabi poet Charan Virdi, Acharya Dwivedi and owner of the Studio7-S.Sukhi Bath officially launched the book amidst loud  roar of clapping by enthusiastic audience.

Seema Vaswani spoke on some aspects of Harish’s stories.She appreciated the description of nature-rain, clouds, forest, birds century and green fields, and felt that the  writer has applied poetic  language that made it quite impressive.  He is a good writer in narrative form and  makes reading comfortable. It is so good and interesting that when  started reading  his stories, I continued up to the last, commented Seema. Read more

Source: The Link