Words that capture the dreams and thoughts of women

By Henna Rakheja

Think of Indian women writers and names such as Mahasweta Devi and Ismat Chughtai immediately come to mind. Powerful as they were, theirs are among the few glittering names of women in the galaxy of Indian authors. The vast majority of women writers in India don’t get the recognition that they often deserve. One of the primary reasons is the absence of a platform.

It is to fill this vacuum that for the first time, a Women Writers’ Festival is being organised in the city (New Delhi).

“There are a lot of women who are working on women’s issues, but there is no platform where they can come together to discuss [their work] and very little resource that they can access. Many women writers just remain unsung heroes,” says Anuradha Das Mathur, founder of the festival.

At the two-day literature festival, there will be panel discussions and talks by speakers such as Monika Halan, Bahar Dutt, Aparna Jain, Veenu Venugopal, Mala Bhargava, Yashodhara Lal, Urvashi Butalia, Nishita Jha, Bee Rowlatt, Amrita Tripathi, Shaili Chopra, Sonia Golani, Shreyasi Singh and others. Read more

Source: Hindustan Times