Spare, incandescently passionate, straining conventions, Meena Kandasamy reignites the Kilvenmany massacre: Urvashi Butalia in The Outlook

Gypsy GoddessThe Gypsy Goddess is clever, serious, witty, devastating, unusual and breathtakingly varied. In the first 30 or 40 pages, you read your way through the author’s anxieties about how to tell her chosen story. As this somewhat exten­ded, witty reflection on the writer’s relationship to the story, her choices of the standpoints from where to construct the narrative closes, you find you are already acquainted with the characters you will now meet, and indeed how the story will unfold.

Like racism, sexism is also one of the most disturbing issues which is largely present in the society. Discrimination based on gender has crept into all forms of life, including literature. While this has changed to a large extent, with more women writers coming up, Urvashi Butalia, co-founder of Kali for Women, India’s first feminist publishing house, feels that it has not always been the case and women have had to face a huge battle from within to gain recognition in the field of literature.

Now Gurgaon will have its festival too: TOI

The disparate but symbiotic worlds of technology and literature will converge next weekend as Cyber City hosts its first art and literary festival, Gliterarti, on December 13 and 14.

Presented by The Times of India, the festival, which is an initiative of Real Estate Development Council (REDCO) Haryana, will include exhibitions of art, photography and sculptures; live art and art auctions; workshops on art appreciation, cartoon-making and creative writing.