India: Making women write

Like racism, sexism is also one of the most disturbing issues which is largely present in the society. Discrimination based on gender has crept into all forms of life, including literature. While this has changed to a large extent, with more women writers coming up, Urvashi Butalia, co-founder of Kali for Women, India’s first feminist publishing house, feels that it has not always been the case and women have had to face a huge battle from within to gain recognition in the field of literature.

“When we started publishing books on and about women in 1984, our objective was to try and ensure that women’s voices are heard. For that to happen was a huge battle as most women were under-confident and lacked self-belief. To turn it around was the biggest task of a feminist publisher,” she said while speaking at a panel discussion on ‘Gendered Tales’ at the fourth Hyderabad Literary Festival on Sunday.

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