Ambedkar University looks to promote literature in different languages

By Fareeha Iftikhar

In a bid to promote ‘progressive’ literature present in different Indian languages, the Ambedkar University (AUD) has started a new centre ‘School of letters’ for this academic session.

Offering a range of courses including MA in English, MPhils in Hindi, comparative literature and translation studies, and PhDs in English, Hindi, and comparative literature and studies, the school will cater to a total 62 students in the coming session.

“In this school, we want to break the barriers between languages. We will promote progressive literature present in almost all Indian languages by providing their translated versions in English and Hindi,” said Radha Chakravorty, the dean of the school.

Elaborating the name ‘School of letters’, Chakroborty said, “Earlier, we thought of naming it something like ‘school of languages’ or ‘linguistiucs’. But I think ‘School of letters’ is more suitable as it justifies the idea behind this center as letters make languages that eventually make literature.” Read more

Source: DNA India