The New South Asian American Writer Is A Wild Beast

By Dipika Mukherjee

In February 2017, the Chicago Quarterly Review published its South Asian American Issue featuring the work of 38 emerging and established South Asian writers and the April 4 reading was the first public event. There will be more, in San Francisco, LA and Evanston and Chicago and New York, but for this, the first reading, it felt like unwrapping something delicious.

The meeting room in the International House Coulter Lounge at the University of Chicago is hushed and wood-paneled; a large portrait of a Caucasian couple hangs over the fireplace. The sconces could have held candles instead of bulbs a hundred years ago, and the weight of a long history echoes in these chambers. As the evening progressed and people filed into the room, it is filled with the voices of South Asian Chicago writers and the clink of wine; the room seems to take on a multi-hued tapestry of different sounds and colors. Read more

Source: The Aerogram