This charming, medieval walled village is Spain’s first “book town.”

(From Atlas Obscura. Link to the complete article is given below)

Urueña, Spain is a small town in the province of Valladolid, Castille y Leon. The wall that wraps around the sleepy medieval settlement dates from the 12th and 13th centuries. Many of the centuries-old structures have been restored to give the city a strong sense of Old World ambiance. But that’s not what draws people to its quaint streets.

In 2007, Urueña went one step further to enhance its charm, becoming the first villa del libro (Book Town) in Spain. It’s now home to 12 bookstores—and only about 200 people.

Today, its gnarled, narrow streets are lined with book-related hubs that specialize in topics from children’s books to wine to bullfighting. There are second-hand bookshops, libraries, museums, and cultural centers all dedicated to books, publishing, and printing.

Read more at the Atlas Obscura link here

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