Will a Literary Paranormal Pop-culture evolve in Taiwan?


Ghost stories have always captured our attention… now we find them wander into the speculative genre. We find these stories in literature from giants like Rabindranath Tagore  with his haunted palace in The Hungry Stones to modern online writers like  Xu Yunfeng, Taiwanese writer Ho Ching-yao and Singapore’s own Russell Lee. 

Recently in Taiwan, an attempt is being made to popularise this genre and assimilate it into pop culture.  An exhibition on ‘Taiwanese Paranormal Literature and Contemporary Art’ is afoot in Taipei City till September 15 th. The curators tell us the aim of the exhibition: “We hope to help restore the paranormal to its former position of importance in Taiwanese culture.”

In his introduction to a book on this subject author  Ho Ching-yao pondered over this dilemma. His book is called Yaoguai Taiwan. Yaogui is the Chinese word for monster. His book is a compendium of over 200 paranormal literary pieces. He talks about his research,“This is my way of promoting Taiwanese fantasy literature…I feel like I’m searching for or trying to put together a lost history, and I hope that people can use my material in their movies, novels, plays, poems and songs.”

And in quest of this lost history of spooks, Taipei Times gives us an article with more about this literary exhibition.

Click here to read  an article in Taipei Times.

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