Poetry of Amrita Pritam promises a Rendezvous

Recited by Gulzar, Translated by Dr Uma Trilok


Amrita Pritam

31 st August,2019, is the birth centenary of avant-garde writer and poet, Amrita Pritam. Not only were her life and works a rebellion in time and place but some of them flowed with love flavoured by her unusual personality.

One such poem by Amrita Pritam, ‘I will meet you yet again’, has been translated by Dr Uma Trilok, an authority on the avant-garde centenarian and herself a powerful writer and poet. The poem has been recited by no less a person than the legendary Gulzar in original Punjabi . Born Sampooran Singh Kalra, Gulzar is one of the foremost personalities to dominate Bollywood , an Academy Award winning Indian film director, lyricist and poet. In 2007, the maestro brought out an album, Amrita Pritam, recited by Gulzar.

Recitation of ‘Main Tenu Fir Milaan Gi’ by Gulzar in Punjabi

I will meet you, yet again 

(by Amrita Pritam, translated by Dr Uma Trilok)

I will meet you
Yet again
How, where
I do not know

By becoming a figment of your imagination
I will spread myself
As a mysterious line
On your canvas
And gaze at you

I will meet you, yet again

I will become a ray of sunshine
To get dissolved in your colours
Or perhaps
Sitting in the arms of your colours
I will unwind your canvas
I do not know when, how, but
I will meet you, yet again

I will turn into a water spring
As drops of water
I will get sprinkled on your chest.
I will embrace you to keep you cool

I will meet you, yet again

I do not know much
But I know this much
That time will follow
Life will come along

When the body perishes
Everything perishes
But the threads of memory
Are woven of enduring atoms
I will pick those atoms
And meet you, yet again.

I will meet you, yet again



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