Netflix Recommendations # 1 – Material

The latest trend of ‘Netflix and Chill‘ is catching up across age-groups. With the recent pandemic, a lot of people have started viewing shows and movies on Netflix and almost all of us, are looking out for recommendations to watch next. So what better way to do so then to share some of our own. Here’s the first Netflix recommendation for you with our rating for this film. Stay tuned for more such recommendations from us!

Material is a 2012 South African film, directed by Craig Freimond and written by Craig Freimond, Ronnie Apteker, Robbie Thorpe, Rosalind Butler and Riaad Moosa. This comedy has gone to many international film festivals and its portrayal of the lives of Muslims in South Africa was seen as an honest attempt to tackle some of the social issues facing the country’s multiracial society.

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