December 2, 2023


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Essay: Shoot The Bitch by Vartika Sharma Lekhak

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This essay by Vartika Sharma Lekhak is a satire trying to bring out the trend of sexism in everyday life and how opinionated women cope with it with a pinch of salt. 

The residential colony where I live in Uttarakhand has a pretty active Resident Welfare Association. Much of the credit goes to its President, Mr. Manforce (Yes the name is phony but you will find it more relatable by the end of this writeup). 

Last week some stray dog biting incidents happened in our colony. You know how motivated one can be when they un-fall in love. So, along with the biting incident, complaints started pouring in about the dogs (and bitches) chasing joggers, the late-night howls disturbing the peace, etc. etc. For almost all the miseries of the residents, the poor animals were blamed. I am not sure whether all the canines had gone berserk overnight, but one had definitely crossed the limit because it had attacked none other but Mr. Manforce’s daughter. 

The man in command quickly gathered a team of action takers. 

 I want this menace to be controlled ASAP. 

Aye Aye Captain. Should we kill them? 

No. We can’t take the risk of those good-for-nothing animal welfare hounds. Mr. Manforce tapped his glistening skull. 

See Dogs are fine. But I don’t want bitches. Shoot the bitches! 

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