September 29, 2023


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Short Story: Misgivings by Charanjeet Kaur

1 min read

Charanjeet Kaur’s short story is a glimpse into what happens when the past comes knocking at your doorstep. Do you ignore it or do you answer the door and be prepared to face all the surprises it has brought along?

Prabhjot decided that she would meet him. For years now, he had been sending her sporadic messages through one common friend or the other, and all these years she had not bothered. She would laugh it off when one of them told her that he had called up again and was asking about her. In the earlier days, it was reluctance, then indifference, then irritation. She had decided, vaguely, that it was a kind of seasonal ritual which he had set out for himself, a ritual that became part of the web of the world he inhabited, and the best thing for her would be not to get too involved. Or allow it to even cross her thoughts. 

But this time, on a whim, she decided. She called up Reema, her closest friend, and agreed to see him sometime next week.

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