October 1, 2023


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Book Review: The Lotus of the Heart by Gayatri Majumdar

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Poet and Critic Gopal Lahiri reviews The Lotus of the Heart by Gayatri Majumdar (Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press) calling it a collection of Realization Stories- A Confession

  • ISBN:978-81-948077-01-6
  • Brown Critique
  • Printed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press
  • Price: INR-280/-

Gayatri Majumdar in her engaging book titled ‘The lotus of the heart- realization stories 1-’excavates the ideas of conviction, insights, and joyous freedom in life. In the multi-layered, all-encompassing essays, the chronicler shares her inside stories with the readers. She offers a calibrated reckoning with her own realization in life, cradled in exhilarating clarity- and we wait, holding our breath to see what is tendered at the end of each story. Her stories/essays range across nature, spiritualism, philosophy, and personal anecdotes.

In her Introductory narrative, the author has mentioned, ‘I began to write these ‘realization’ stories just before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit Indian shores. Most of them were written over a period of roughly eight to nine months during the lockdown/physical distancing days. In a very strange way, being completely cut off from the rest of the world actually helped with my spiritual progressions, if you permit me to call it that.’

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