December 7, 2023


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Essay: Prashar Lake-A Journey within by Sarpreet Kaur

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Sarpreet Kaur’s essay is a captivating travelogue with beautiful pictures of her journey to the Prashar Lake.

Somewhere between emerald lower Himalayas and snow-capped Great Himalayas was I, travelling on a road, intricately carved with boisterous pits. The rutted trail elegantly draped around the curves of mountains. Due to incessant sharp turns and back-breaking journey, I tightly held on to the car door handle with only one question in mind.

“Do I really need to travel?”

When you let the heart choose the adventure and humbly ask the brain to take a back seat, the mind generally swoops in with the sharp sword of pessimistic questions of such kind. But thank God, he gave us a soul- our forever rescuer who jumped in at the right time and said:

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