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India: Chennai gears up to celebrate literature, art & cinema

The 4th edition of The Hindu Lit for Life begins on Saturday: The Hindu

This weekend, the city will see a celebration of literature, arts and cinema as the fourth edition of The Hindu Lit for Life takes off on Saturday.

The three days of lectures, panel discussions and workshops by distinguished national and international authors, experts and opinion-makers have something for everyone. Fans of literature can look forward to insightful dialogues between Man Booker Prize winner Aravind Adiga and literary agent David Godwin, and Man Booker Prize shortlisted author Jim Crace and physician-writer Abraham Verghese. Other best-selling writers who will grace the festival include Ashwin Sanghi, Ravi Subramanian, Anita Nair and Naresh Fernandes. History enthusiasts can look forward to lectures by Romila Thapar and William Dalrymple.

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Abraham Verghese: Fiction as a truth-telling device

Author and medical practitioner Abraham Verghese talks to Meenakshi Kumar about his twin careers and how his work as doctor closely related to his writing: The Hindu

abraham_vergheseAV: “The first two books were memoirs and, therefore, needed to be autobiographical. I actually found it quite difficult to write those memoirs, because I assumed the story was largely not about me, even though they were true stories — I was just the observer. My Own Country was about AIDS in rural Tennessee and The Tennis Partner about the phenomenon of doctors and drug addiction. But in both cases it appeared that I became more of a character in the story, in the sense that my reaction to what I was seeing was germane to the story. My editors kept coaxing revelations out of me, pointing out that the reader would feel shortchanged if I slammed the door every time the narrative lens swung in my direction. So, I wound up revealing a lot, but I feel good about it: the reader who has done me the honour of picking up the book deserves to know those things.”

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