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Quarantined Times of Hope and Despair – Readings by Shabana Azmi

Noted actress Shabana Azmi, reads a short-story ‘River of No Return‘ written by Tabish Khair.

In words of the author,

“The story she reads out here is a story of violence and despair, but the fact that she found the time to make this brilliant recording is also illustrative of the other side of our human crisis: we are not just prisoners in the cells of our devastation. Not during the pandemic, and not afterward. There are ways to connect. There are ways to organize. There are ways to hope.

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A Poet in Unrest: Suchitra Vijayan in conversation with actor, poet, storyteller and theatre director Danish Husain

In this video, lawyer and founder of The Polis Project, Suchitra Vijayan talks to actor, poet, storyteller and theatre director Danish Husain on many topics ranging from his self-isolation in the USA during the Covid-19 pandemic to poetry as a tool against fascism.

Hussain was instrumental in reviving the art form of Dastangoi for which he received the Sangeet Natak Akademi’s (Indian Academy of Music, Dance, &Theatre) Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puruskar in 2010. He subsequently returned the award in 2015 in the intolerance debate that raged across India. He later in 2016 started a multi-lingual brand of storytelling Qissebaazi. He also contributed an essay to a highly acclaimed collection Strongmen, edited by Vijay Prashad & published by Leftword Books, where five artists, including Eve Ensler, from five different countries write about authoritarian leaders in their countries.