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Ashwin Sanghi: ‘The Dan Brown tag has been both a bane and boon’

Ashwin-Sa-nghiMuch like the American best-selling author Dan Brown, the Indian writer Ashwin Sanghi doesn’t shy away from controversial topics – in fact, his thrillers depend on it.

His first, self-published English novel The Rozabal Line (2007) promoted the idea that Christ survived the crucifixion, while his upcoming book Sialkot Saga is steeped in the tumultuous 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.

The 46-year-old businessman-turned-author says the “tantalising possibility of an overlap between history and mythology provides an adrenalin rush”. Read more

‘Our Rich Storytelling Tradition Needs To Be Made Palatable To The Modern Audience’: Ashwin Sanghi

One of the most popular names in the mythological fiction genre in recent times, Ashwin Sanghi speaks to Asad Ali about his love of the genre and his upcoming collaboration with James Patterson: Tehelka

Ashwin-Sa-nghiYou co-authored Private India with James Patterson. How has been the whole experience of working with him?

Patterson’s work follows a formulaic approach but even within the constraints of that formula it’s like an art form. It was refreshing to work with him; it gave me the opportunity to work on commercial fiction instead of historical or mythological fiction, which is what I usually do. So, to that extent, it’s been a sound learning experience. James has a terrific formula going for him and it’s nice to be a part of that.

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Publisher accuses Amazon.com of deliberately delaying sending its books

Hachette complains of unaccountably slow despatch amid reports of the web giant using such techniques to win better trade terms: The Guardian

Titles by authors including Malcolm Gladwell, James Patterson and Iain Banks are taking weeks to be sent to readers from Amazon.com, as the online retailer is accused by the books’ publisher Hachette of delaying delivery “for reasons of their own”.

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