Ryu murakamiJapan is a safe, polite society in which occasionally hyper-violent crimes are committed that shock the world. They do not surprise one of its best-known authors, whose bleak novels brim with brutality. Interview by David Pilling in the FT
Rage. Violence. Churning resentment beneath the pond-like surface. This is the territory of Ryu Murakami, one of Japan’s most celebrated novelists. Murakami’s protagonists are young perpetrators of casual violence or dropouts unmoved by Japan’s social norms.

Hadashi No Gen (Barefoot Gen), about aftermath of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, was removed from libraries in Matsue city, reports The Guardian

A Japanese manga series considered an anti-war classic has caused a stir in Japan after a school board in the country’s south-western city of Matsue removed it from all its school libraries.

The 10-volume manga series, Hadashi No Gen (Barefoot Gen), is based on author Keiji Nakazawa’s own experience, at the age of six, of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, in which both his father and brother were killed.