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China: 2016 works worth reading

By Mei Jia

The Paper Republic website, which promotes contemporary Chinese writing to the English-language world, has just put out its latest list. Now in its fifth year, the list offers readers a wide range of choices. “This year’s list is longer than ever, and several books have won international prizes,” says Nicky Harman, a UK-based prize-winning literary translator, who prepared the list. At a glance, there are names of writers of fiction, sci-fi writers, online works, poetry and children’s literature, all translated and published in English in 2016. Read more

Source: China Daily

List of richest Chinese writers revealed

The top winner is 34-year-old Zhang Jiajia, writer and playwright who soared to fame with a collection of short stories that is circulated widely and known for its soothing power for young readers struggling to find their place in society: China Daily

The richest Chinese writer reaped 19.5 million yuan ($3.14 million) in royalty gains in 2014, as the China Writers Rich List was launched on Dec 20 in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

According to the list, 50 Chinese writers have gained more than 1 million yuan in royalties from their works in print. Read more

Controversial novel to be published in English

Translators at Northwest University, Xi’an, recently finished the first draft of an English version of a controversial Chinese novel and are looking for overseas publishers.

“Fei Du (The Abandoned Capital)”, the first novel by Jia Pingwa, was originally published 20 years ago, and was quickly banned for its explicit sexual content and “vulgar style”. It was reissued in 2009.

Hu Zongfeng, vice dean of the school of foreign languages, and his colleague Robin Gilbank have spent three years working on the translation.

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