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Le Clezio says ‘Korean literature full of imagination’

The French novelist Jean Marie Gustave Le Clezio, who won a Nobel Prize in literature in 2008, has strongly recommended Korean literature. Le Clezio wrote a two-page book review, titled “Hâtez-vous de les lire,” or, “Hurry up and read these,” in the French newspaper Le Figaro on May 15. Read more

London Book Fair features 10 Korean writers

What can the 10 South Korean writers selected for the book fair this week tell us about a country that has been cut in two? The Star



After two years of political hot potatoes – first China and then Turkey – this year’s “market focus” country presents a different challenge to the London Book Fair, which runs this week: Who wants to read books from Korea? The choice of name could be dismissed as opportunistically misleading; Korea is two countries, but the 10 writers who will be at the book fair are all from the south. Read more

Korea: Korean literature sees opening for growth

Experts say exposure improving, call for stronger efforts to cultivate writers: Korea Times

It’s easy these days to attach any facet of Korean culture to the popularity of the country’s entertainment industry which has produced the “hallyu,” or the Korean wave. Korean pop groups, films and television dramas continue to gain popularity abroad, along with the national cuisine.  Following a series of developments in the literary scene here, it’s understandable assume that Korean writers are also enjoying considerable success too.  In 2012, Shin Kyung-sook’s “Please Look After Mom” won the prestigious Man Asian Literary Prize. Soon after, novelist Kim Young-ha appeared on the virally popular online project TED Talks. Korea was been chosen as The London Book Fair Market Focus for 2014.

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Korea: Breaking the barriers

Collection of translated stories to provide boost to Korean literature: The Korea Times

In an international environment in which Korean culture is increasingly making inroads into English-language speaking countries, Korean literature has been something of a “little brother’’ to K-pop, K-movies, K-dramas, and the increasing popularity of Korean food.

But make no mistake, Korean literature is arriving.   This development is underscored by a comprehensive new collection of stories from Asia Publishers that promise to help Korean literature take a big step up onto the world stage.  Over the past year Asia Publishers have released three collections of 15 stories each, collections that promise to redefine Korean literature in English while also making the literature much easier to understand.

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