Le Clezio says ‘Korean literature full of imagination’

The French novelist Jean Marie Gustave Le Clezio, who won a Nobel Prize in literature in 2008, has strongly recommended Korean literature. Le Clezio wrote a two-page book review, titled “Hâtez-vous de les lire,” or, “Hurry up and read these,” in the French newspaper Le Figaro on May 15.

The book recommended by Le Clezio is a collection of short stories titled “Nocturne d’un chauffeur de taxi, or, “Night of a taxi driver,” which contains ten Korean contemporary works published from 2000 to 2013. The ten authors are Kim Yeon-su, Jo Kyung-ran and Pyun Hye-young — who have all received the Dongin Literary Award — as well as Han Kang, Choi Jin Young, Kim Ae-ran, Baek Kahum, Ahn Yeong-sil, Yoon Sunghee and Park Chan-soon.

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