Literature fund targets training translators

Writers and translators from Viet Nam and Russia are working together to set up a fund to enhance bilateral co-operation in the two skills. Vice director of the fund Nguyen Thuy Anh speaks with Minh Thu about their goals and aspirations.

Inner Sanctum: What will the Vietnamese-Russian Literature Fund mean for writers and translators in the two countries?

People working in the field of literature are always discussing problems connected with translation and the publishing of foreign books in Viet Nam.

The fund’s foundation is good for Vietnamese translators and readers. When we announced the fund’s establishment, we received many responses from translators in this country and abroad. They gave us many suggestions that made us very excited.

A fund to popularise Russian literature in Viet Nam was founded in 2010 by the then president Medvedev. Our fund will work closely together with the president’s fund to enhance relations between the two countries in the field of literature.

We will co-operate with Russian colleagues to buy book copyrights, and translate and publish Vietnamese books in Russia and Russian books in Viet Nam.

Most importantly, the fund will be used to train young translators. When we have a good team of translators, we will organise industry seminars.

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