Suniti Namjoshi’s Blue And Other Stories

Hidden stories of unloved queens, girls sprouting wings and wise old kingfishers surface in Suniti Namjoshi’s picture book Blue And Other Stories. Launched by Tulika Books recently, this book of fables not just tells tales but also asks children and adults to look for their deeper meaning.

The stories are simple but hold out a subtle message. The Unloved Queen, is about Suniti’s name. “These stories are not deliberately written for children but are also for adults,” says the author, “The first story is about my name — how a boy whose father (the king) does not love him meditates for years till Vishnu appears and grants him a boon. He asks the boy to remain constant and makes him the pole star. I use this story to make a point. What about his mother who was also unloved? Her name was Suniti. No one ever talks about her.”

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