Yashodhara Lal on her book “Just Married, Please Excuse”

How do you get a marketing professional with three little kids running around the house, and a husband who’s the antithesis of her, to sit down and write a 264 page book? She simply translates her chaotic world into words and out pops a gleaming new novel!

Yashodhara Lal, author of Just Married, Please Excuse, (Harper Collins, Rs 199) claims she had always dreamt of writing a novel. “I’d always wanted to write — primarily because as a kid I read a lot and just felt connected with the written word.” Caught in the middle of the perpetually busy corporate world and a family to care for, she nevertheless found her alone time blogging. That final little nudge to write the novel came with health complications after delivering her twins and she realised there was no time better than now.

How did she hit on the right formula for the story? “The everyday occurrences in the course of married life were what I used to write about on the blog – and a lot of readers said they made great stories. It so happens that Vijay and I are very different from each other, so the idea of the book Just Married, Please Excuse was born from there. The tagline for the book is ‘Opposites attract…trouble!’.”

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