Agra literature festival in February

To revive the literature scene in Uttar Pradesh and the Braj region, enthusiasts have come together to organise the first Taj Literature Festival in Agra. To be held between February 1-3, 2013, the event will be attended by Ruskin Bond, Shobhaa De and Preeti Shenoy among others.

“From ancient times Uttar Pradesh has been on a firm ground when it comes to literature. We have had Amir Khusrau, Mirza Ghalib, Surdas, Mir Taqi Mir…the list is endless. But, in the modern times, the written word has become dormant in northern India, especially among the youth,” said chief organiser Harvijay Singh Bahia, who came up with the idea. He, along with a few other friends, has been working for the past three months to make the festival a success.

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