Why is India obsessed with mythology?

Mahabharata – the epic that played out in Kurukshetra is getting a million reinventions: The Outlook

Can you hear the dull throbbing of vimanas in the sky? Can you smell the burning embers of the morning fires? Can you feel the thud-thud of millions of boots on the ground? Assassins, demons, monsters come together on the battlefield  with super-warriors to play out the final battle. There are atomic weapons, lasers, gene­tically engineered super-elephants. The archetypal und­er­­pinning is the story of heroes overcoming hardships and growing in the process.

It’s the Mahabharata, but, as compelling as it is removed from the Maha­bharatas of the Indian imagination, Scottish comic book writer and occultist Grant Morrison’s version takes the myt­h­ical battle of Kuruk­shetra into the hyper­­real realm of science fiction. “A genre mash of superhero action and myt­­h­­ology grounded in the all-too-human passions of its warriors, villains and monsters” is how Morrison, who’s also working on a TV series to recreate the “greatest human story ever told”, puts it.

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