Kitaab announces publishing plan; changes in submissions guidelines

Note from the Editor

Dear friends of Kitaab,

2013 marked Kitaab’s foray into publishing. We published and released our first title, Urdu Poetry: An Introduction. Many of you might have noticed the announcement here. The book was launched at the Singapore Writers Festival on 8 November. Many friends of Kitaab showed up for the book launch. If you were one of them, I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

When Kitaab was launched in 2005, the idea was to celebrate Asian writers and Asian writing in English. We have remained true to our vision. Now we want to do more.

Next year we want to publish at least five titles across fiction and non-fiction genres. We want to be a boutique publishing house with titles that will serve our broad theme: Asia+n writing in English. We want to publish books that will travel around the world.

What kind of books we want to publish?

We love short stories, so we will pay special attention to short stories in the first year (Please note: our favourite short story writers are Chekhov, Kafka, Raymond Carver, Hemingway, Joyce, Manto, Yiyun Li and Jhumpa Lahiri, among others). Your stories need not be centred around one theme. We want to break the myth that a short story collection should be around a theme (who invented that rule?). We believe that a collection is a collection and that’s what it should be: a bouquet of flowers, with variety.

We love novels too but we are not looking to publish novels yet. So please do not send us your novel’s manuscript (unless yours is a short one such as Camus’ The Stranger or Hesse’s Siddhartha). Ditto for poetry. Essays or other works of non-fiction and children’s literature are also welcome.

Send us your pitch (2-3 chapters with a synopsis and author bio) and we will get back to you within 2-3 weeks. Drop us a note at today if you have something ready.

That was the big announcement.

Here’s a not so big announcement but I think it is important to our contributors.

So far, we were not able to pay an honorarium to our contributors, especially our short story writers and poets.  Now we are. We are making a small beginning here. For details, please read our submission page.

That’s it for now folks. We will make some more exciting announcements early next year. Until then, keep supporting Kitaab and keep in touch.

With best wishes,

Zafar Anjum

Editor, Kitaab

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