India: Middle-class India’s sex life chronicled

Women erotica writers come out to chronicle middle-class India’s sex life: TOI

The first tale in Aranyani’s A Pleasant Kind of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories opens in a modest Tamil household, with three maids bustling about, preparing for an important lunch. Running parallel to the frenzy of chopping, boiling and frying is a strong sexual undercurrent, as they build and realise fantasies about each other, and their mistress.

Eight other such narratives of unhindered sexuality populate the book. With its sensuous, impeccable writing and a strong, unabashed voice, A Pleasant Kind of Heavy is the recent entrant to what is being dubbed the new wave of erotic writing in the country. Unlike in the moth-eaten Mills & Boon universe, the stories have no chisel-jawed, brooding billionaires and “feisty” women scampering to please them. The characters’ narratives unfold in everyday urban and small-town India.

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