Salman Rushdie’s ‘Shalimar the Clown’ opera to open in 2016: WSJ

Salman Rushdie“There is one thing happening that I am excited about. The St. Louis opera company is making an opera of “Shalimar the Clown,” novelist Salman Rushdie told the Wall Street Journal on November 21. “They have a 2016 premiere date and so far I been having meetings every so often to discuss it.”

His new novel

“I am writing a novel right now so not reading much else,” he said about his latest work. “I’m slow, this book is getting itself written, I will take two years on it. I am a one thing at a time guy. Now I am very much focused on this.”

“It’s the most surrealist novel I have written for a long time. I seem to have an imaginative reaction to the realism of my memoir,” he told WSJ. “Making stuff up. (Laughs) I went back to the thing that I first fell in love with, when I was reading the wonderful stories that you grow up in the East, the Arabian nights, the Ramayana. I’m writing something modern that relates to those stories.”

New books that he admires

“I have been reading two or three book that are on the verge of being released,” he said. “One is by a Chinese-American author called Yiyun Li called “Kind of Solitude.” Another is by Teju Cole called “Every Day is for the Thief.” I just went back and started reading J.D. Salinger, after that movie and biography came out, which I didn’t care for. I went back and read the nine stories. I was surprised to see how amazing they are. It’s hard to do, to tell stories largely through dialogue. To not just reveal the character but to tell stories and he does really well. There is something there to learn from, it’s a real skill. ”

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