Kitaab video: Romesh Gunesekera: On Memory and Time

This is an interview with Romesh Gunesekera, the British Sri Lankan writer of novels such as Reef and Heaven’s Edge. This interview was produced by Kitaab International for Writing the City (British Council Singapore) in 2014.

Interviewed by Melissa de Villiers, the video was shot and edited by Zafar Anjum. In this interview, the writer talks about memory and time in is his past works and discusses aspects of his soon-to-be released book, Noontide Toll.

Romesh GunesekeraRomesh Gunesekera was born in 1954 in Sri Lanka where he spent his early years. Before coming to Britain he also lived in the Philippines. He now lives in London. His early stories were published in Stand Magazine, London Magazine and Granta and his poems in the LRB, Poetry Durham and other magazines. His widely acclaimed first novel, Reef, was published in 1994 and was short-listed as a finalist for the Booker Prize, as well as for the Guardian Fiction Prize. In the USA he was nominated for a New Voice Award.

More on the official site

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