The Nigerian Nobel laureate discusses Boko Haram, organised religion, and the current state of his country: Aljazeera

In a time when Nigeria is facing its toughest security crisis in decades, Wole Soyinka discusses the issues surrounding Boko Haram:

“Those who unleashed Boko Haram on the nation are not poverty stricken. They are politicians …. desperate for power, intelligent enough or perceptive enough to recognise that the cocktail of politics and religious fundamentalism can only yield them dividends. They think they have nothing to lose. But the foot soldiers have been indoctrinated for years, from childhood. And they believe that their religion [Islam] is in danger … But Islam is not in danger. It is the pervert followers who are being used and who use others and proclaim that they are fighting for Islam ….

This is an interview with Romesh Gunesekera, the British Sri Lankan writer of novels such as Reef and Heaven’s Edge. This interview was produced by Kitaab International for Writing the City (British Council Singapore) in 2014.

Interviewed by Melissa de Villiers, the video was shot and edited by Zafar Anjum. In this interview, the writer talks about memory and time in is his past works and discusses aspects of his soon-to-be released book, Noontide Toll.

A TV serial written by controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin has run into rough weather: NDTV

Minority groups have demanded that the serial, which is scheduled to go on air from tonight on a Bengali channel, be shelved as it contains objectionable content, and have written to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The Kolkata Police has now verbally advised the TV channel not to air the serial.