2013: yet another prolific year for Urdu literature

Ask any publisher of Urdu books, great or small, about the sale of Urdu books and probably you will have to bear with a litany of complaints, including dismal figures of ever-dwindling sales and readers’ declining interest towards books in general and Urdu books in particular.

Some booksellers may also join in the elegiac chorus. But all you draw would be blank stares when you ask the same people why then they don’t close down and do something else for a living instead.

What I want to say is that during the year 2013 most of the publishers of Urdu books kept on churning out new as well as old titles despite their never-ending albeit fake pessimism. What is more interesting is the fact that while some of them are reluctant to pay any royalties to authors or respect copyright laws, they not only reproduce old titles, especially the ones that are always in demand and sell well, but they themselves claim the copyrights of the works they have published illegally.

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