Satyajit Ray wrote script for documentary on Ravi Shankar: Book

Master director Satyajit Ray wrote a script for a documentary on sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar but failed to make the film for reasons even his son Sandip does not know, says a new book on the subject.

Ravi Shankar: An Unfilmed Visual Script (Harper Collins) is about a documentary film Ray had planned to make, prepared its visual script (storyboard) and even titled it “A Sitar Recital by Ravi Shankar” but could not shoot it. Why? No one knows, not even his family members including filmmaker-son Sandip Ray.
Ray’s storyboard on the film on Ravi Shankar, containing more than 100 sketches and technical instructions on camera movements and other things, had been carefully preserved in the archives of the Society for Preservation of Satyajit Ray Archives and the late director’s son says in the preface to the book that “this is the first time a whole storyboard comprising sketches by my father is going to appear in book form”.

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