Singapore: NLB to create ‘more transparent review processes’

National Library Board CEO Elaine Ng says it has found a “means and method” to put controversial children’s books in the adult section of the library: CNA

The National Library Board (NLB) will move the children’s titles that have been the subject of recent controversy to the adult’s section, and plans to create “more transparent review processes” for its books, CEO Elaine Ng said on Friday (July 18). The announcement follows instructions from Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim to reinstate the books in a separate section.

On public outcry that the NLB had said the books – “And Tango Makes Three” and “The White Swan Express” – will be pulped, Mrs Ng said the library had no intention at all of denigrating books. “Pulping is a technical term used in the book industry to describe the recycling of printed materials. We do not want to be viewed as destroying books that are in good condition, as it was never our intention to denigrate books,” said Ms Ng.

“Many objected to the idea that books will be pulped. As book lovers ourselves, we understand the reaction. We do not want to be viewed as destroying books.”

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