Chinese farmer breathes life into poems

“Compared with poems by other poetesses in China, hers stand out like a killer among groupsof ladies,” Liu Nian, editor of the Chinese literary journal Poetry, said about Yu Xiuhua’s works.

In “Crossing big China to sleep with you,” Yu wrote, “Across China, all is happening: volcanoes are erupting, rivers are running dry. Political prisoners and the displaced weredisregarded, elks and red-crowned cranes were shot to the ground. And I, I trespassed a hailof bullets to sleep with you, I pressed nights into a dawn to sleep with you, I gathered all I amto sleep with you.”

Tagged as the “poetess with cerebral palsy (a condition characterized by a group ofpermanent movement problems)” and a seemingly paradoxical “China’s Emily Dickinson” inmedia reports, Yu’s work has recently gone viral on WeChat, China’s largest standalonemessaging app.

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