India: Gujarat Police stop publication of book by man falsely accused of terror attack on a temple

Mufti Abdul Qayyum, an accused in the 2002 Akshardham temple attack case who was acquitted by the Supreme Court last year, won’t be able to tell his story.

Mr Qayyum had planned to release a book on the 11 years he spent behind the bars for a crime he never committed, at a seminar in Ahmedabad on Thursday. But a diktat from the police has put brakes on it.

The police told Mr Qayyum and the seminar organisers that neither the book should be released nor any direct reference be made to the Akshardham attack. Officials said this was being done to prevent a law and order problem.Salakhon Ke Peeche — provides a detailed account of what Mr Qayuum calls “a life branded as a terrorist without evidence”. A section of it apparently deals with how officers of the Gujarat police had planted evidence to falsely implicate him in the case.

The organisers and Mr Qayyum agreed to avoid a face-off. But the pain was reflected in Mr Qayuum’s address at the seminar.

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