November 28, 2022


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Book Review: ‘Faith and True Love’ by Sangeeta Maheshwari

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Reviewed by Puneet Malhotra
Faith-and-True-Love-pictureIn the presence of compassion even the mightiest demons melt. To have someone as loving and compassionate as Maa present in one’s life, Faith and True Love by Sangeeta Maheshwari,  is perhaps an apt tribute to someone who lived, preached and breathed love. For Sangeeta it is perhaps a journey to inner peace as she recollects her experience with Maa who was love personified. For the reader, it’s a tapestry of vivid calm colors of peace, serenity and innocence as the scenes shift from innocent tender years of being introduced to Maa, being showered in untold and affection to the concreteness of challenges yet faith and love being the common fuel leading her throughout her journey of life.
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