Book Review: ‘Faith and True Love’ by Sangeeta Maheshwari

Reviewed by Puneet Malhotra
Faith-and-True-Love-pictureIn the presence of compassion even the mightiest demons melt. To have someone as loving and compassionate as Maa present in one’s life, Faith and True Love by Sangeeta Maheshwari,  is perhaps an apt tribute to someone who lived, preached and breathed love. For Sangeeta it is perhaps a journey to inner peace as she recollects her experience with Maa who was love personified. For the reader, it’s a tapestry of vivid calm colors of peace, serenity and innocence as the scenes shift from innocent tender years of being introduced to Maa, being showered in untold and affection to the concreteness of challenges yet faith and love being the common fuel leading her throughout her journey of life.

There is a typical Indian flavour as you turn the pages, not the kind I have read for a long time.  As a reader I could easily relate to mythology, Shyam Baba and even the other religious stuff.

It takes you back to the magic of wonder years, being told stories of Krishna and Rama rested in comfort and affection of elders.

Faith and True Love takes you on a journey of calmness.  Soft waves of kindness and love gently soothing the edges of life.  The author has beautifully woven life in a typical Indian household of  40’s to the life in 70’s, a blend of modern with traditional.  If there are Baba’s miracles and channeling, there is also a laser surgery.

A question which most of us at some point in life we must have had between difficulties and devotion. “If she is so devoted, then why does she have so many problems in her life?”.   The response being “The change in financial circumstances made no impact on Maa’s kindness and hospitality towards her devotees.”   In other words about setting high internal standards independent of external circumstances.  There is a lot to learn from the book.

Every word of Maa in the book is a gem summed up best in her words: “Love is the highest emotion, all other emotions can be transformed with love”. To sum up, Maa walked her talk and Sangeeta penned it in a beautiful book for us to read.
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