India: Countering the post-colonial approach

Review of Dr Nizara Hazarika’s  Colonial Assam and Women’s Writings: The Statesman

The study of colonialism and its impact on women’s literature in Assam is no longer an interesting subject. Whatever may be the blessings of Western education, colonialism has not been an unmixed phase for the people of Assam or India as a whole. Western education might have introduced certain progressive aspects in removing age old taboos and superstitions from the mind of the people, mired in conventional thinking.  And yet it had cut off the people from their rich cultural heritage and indigenous roots.

The flip side of colonialism constitute the focal themes in post-colonial studies of life and society in general, whether in Africa or Asia. But while focusing on colonial Assam, Dr. Nizara Hazarika has done a wonderful job by initiating a fresh discourse on the progressive aspects of colonialism in the Brahmaputra Valley. More important is her exploration of the impact on women’s writings in Assam during that period.

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